Download Helper

This page helps you save the content you find on the internet. It doesn't work for eveyfile, but it does for quite a lot.

Background: If there is a link on a page you can right click it (or control click it- mac) and then save the "target url"*. So if there is "" file linked from an html doc you could right click it and save the target file. Now if the movie was in the page as an object... well you can't save it. This is when this tool comes in handy. It's also useful when someone sends you a link in IM or email that goes right to the media file.

Instructions: You simple take the full URL of the item you want to save and paste it in the form item below. Then click the "show the link" button. An html link will be generated below.. simply right click on the link and choose "save target"*. (This is all done with JavaScript.. the server knows nothing.)

(don't forget to use an "http://")
The link will be here.

* different browsers phrase this whole thing in different ways: "download link to disk", "save target url", "save link target as..." and much more.... good luck.